Tie Holder


Provide a subtle stability with our tie holders

No matter in which situation you are - at a business dinner, at your desk or in the opera - the Fine Cotton Company's tie holder ensures the perfect fit of your tie at any time. You are no longer unintentionally in the spotlight, because your tie stays the way it is supposed to stay. These tie holders are available in the colours of your chosen fabric of the shirt. Hence, it isn't noticeable.

Thanks to this clever holder, you do not have to worry anymore about the accurate fit of your tie. You can get tie holders (only) together with Fine Cotton Company's tailor-made shirts. This option is offered automatically after selecting the shirt and putting it in your shopping cart. 


Instructions to use our tie holder

Before attaching the tie holder, make sure that you wear nicely knotted around your collar and then attach the tie holder respectively. 
First, attach the tie holder on your Fine Cotton Company's tailor-made shirt (usually on the third or fourth button from the top)


Anleitung Krawattenhalter


Then run the tie holder through the loop at the back of the tie.


Anleitung Krawattenhalter


Finally, you fasten the second buttonhole of the tie holder on the shirt button.


Anleitung Krawattenhalter


Now your tie is perfectly fixed without restricting your freedom of movement.