Valentine's Day: Gift for men



A tailored shirt is a fancy gift for Valentine's Day for men. Do you want to surprise your lover with a romantic gift or make your husband a special gift? You might be wondering what to do with a tailored shirt romance. Check out our gift idea for a romantic tailored shirt for Valentine's Day.


Be creative and let your husband know on Valentine's Day, how you feel about him. Whether a meaningful message of love, a Thanksgiving or a personal dedication, your imagination has no limits for Valentine's Day. With a message in the inside of your made to measure garment you communicate your own personal message. These embroidery can express what you like best about your husband, what you want for Valentine's Day from him or just be an expression of your love.


Here are a few of our suggestions and ideas for the day of love:


datum__FCC__Fine_Cotton_Company__Hochzeit_7868.jpg- I love you - the classic

- To My Valentine - optional interchangeable with Knuddelbär, dream man or sex god. ;-)

- From "Your Name" with love - you need a translation into Spanish, French or Hungarian? Contact us! :-)

- You make me happy - we say not too rarely us ???

- I want a child from you - without words.

- You're the best - is clear, right?
     (A high-) us - Celebrate once even ...

- Happy Valentine's Day - a special day!

- Thank you exist - open, honest and direct.
- Thank you for great moments - because "the most beautiful moments in life we owe amiable people" (Ernst Ferstl).


Memory of Valentine's Day

Such a romantic love message or private dedication gives your tailored shirt as a gift a very special character. Your personal message is embroidered into the inside of the shirt and is therefore only visible to you and your partner. Your name, the individual pet name of your husband or your personal date, such as your wedding day or the day on which they met, making the gift to a very special memento of the Valentine's Day.




Romantic gift for Valentine's Day

Our shirts are perfect as a gift for men the day of Liebe.Die Maßhemden are not only individually designed and thus a personal unique. Our fashionable shirts offer a comfortable fit. However, because our dress shirts are made by hand, they have 15 to 20 working days delivery time. But even for last-minute, we have a tip: Give your partner for Valentine's Day one of our gift boxes for a romantic tailored shirt with remembrance and fun!

Gift for Valentine's Day

The gift for Valentine's Day with five swatches, a tape measure and a detailed measuring instructions transforms you and your partner on the day of love for designers: Take on Valentine's Day together measure, choose fabrics and create your designer shirt in our studio.


Determine as giver embroidery or decide with your partner?