Entwerfen Sie ihr Maßhemd mit unserem Stoff Löwenstein

Mit unserem Konfigurator für Maßhemden entwerfen sie Ihre Hemden online ganz einfach!

Ihr persönliches Hemd mit unserem Stoff Löwenstein (Maßhemd Champagne)

Lowenstein is a densely woven cream-colored fabric. With its fishbone like structure, the fabric has a pleasant feel. Despite its robust structure, it is woven airy and has a polished glint. Pure Champagne can be combined beautifully with all pastel shades or even with deep blue and black.

99,00 €

  • Kent
  • French cuff
  • Concealed button placket
  • No pocket
  • Dart
  • Long Sleeve
  • With double button
  • Ton-in-Ton
  • Ton-in-Ton
  • 100% Cotton
  • 80/2 two-ply
  • Popline
  • Mousse