Shirts for Dancing

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In dance competitions the stylish appearance of the couple is important. This applies to both the Standard as well as the Latin Dance. These two typical types of tournament dance are the most widespread. But also regular ball-goers and dancers want to be well-dressed and leave a great impression on the dance floor without being graded for it. In addition, the dress of the woman and the outfit of the dance partner should also fit the occasion. If you want a particularly elegant appearance both dance partners will match their evening wear. For the gentleman this is usually easier than for the lady. Dance shirts by Fine Cotton Company can therefore be matched to the lady's evening dress.




Dance Shirts for Ballroom Dancers


While in Latin dances rather dark and black colours are worn, you can play with more colours when performing standard dances. In comparison to nomal black and white shirts dancers with Fine Cotton Company shirts have the opportunity to use squared, paisley or other coloful patterns for their contrast fabrics. Grade dancing is about peculiarities. So why not create a custom made shirt with a high collar or other fancy collar variaton? Or to combine a black fabric with red yarn?




Dance Shirts for Gala Goers



Not only on the actual dancing dress shirts are worn often and a lot by the dancers. Also to gala or similar events in the dance scene customized dance shirts are preferred. For such an occasion a collar like the "Cutaway Deluxe" collar of Fine Cotton Company is suitable. This type is characterized by its spread collar leg and is perfectly suited for wide tie knots. Who prefers something more subtle might want to stay with our "all-rounder", the Kent collar . Whether worn open or closed, the wearer is looking good.