Shirts with Stand-Up Collar

The Origin of the Stand-Up Collar 


The stand-up collar originates at the beginning of the 19th century at European courts and in nobles' circles. As many uniforms of communist China were equipped with a stand-up collar it is also named "Mao-collar".

Until today the stand-up collar remains a feature of each shirt. However, the collar shanks miss completely and the shirt ends at the top with the collar stay. In all other collar forms, the collar stay is a connexional middle part of shirt body and collar shanks.



The Stand-Up Collar at That Time ... 

Back then, approximately mid 19th century, you fastened the stand-up collar to the still completely collarless shirts. The collar was always worn open to the front. In comparison to today it was a collar worn for especially festive and formal occassions. It was worn at court and for celebrations of the nobility.



... And Nowadays

Today, the stand-up collar is rarely seen publicly as fashion has developed towards other collar forms. However, the stand-up collar notices a little revival and renaissance as it offers the possibility to distinguish from the well-known collar forms.

This extravagant type of collar is always worn without tie or bow tie as there are no shanks to hide the accessory's fastening. The stand-up collar is well suited for a classy visit to a restaurant but also fits to a sporty leisure shirt. The Mao cuff which we also offer in our range of options perfectly matches the stand-up collar and completes your shirt in a consistent way.




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