Shirts with Monogram and Embroidery


Stickerei_Monogramm_flieder_lila.jpgPersonalize your made-to-measure shirt with a monogram. Or write your name or a dedication as embroidery into the back of your shirt. Fine Cotton Company offers the possibility to stitch a monogram on your shirt. A monogram usually consists of the customer's initials. You can place the monogram on various places of your tailor-made garment. Probably the most discreet place is the shirt hem. There, the monogram is not visible when wearing the shirt in your trousers.








 The Correct Position of the Monogram



The most popular place for the initials is the 
right sleeve. There it is almost always visible, usually
also when wearing a jacket or sweater.

From Italy comes the trend to stitch the monogram next
to the placket at stomach height right above your belt
or trousers. Positioning on the pockets or at the level of
chest is also possible as well as on the left sleeve.

The Design of the Monogram

Stickerei_Monogramm_schwarz.jpgFine Cotton Company offers block and cursive for the monogram and the embroidery. To adapt perfectly to your made-to-measure shirt's colour you can choose from our 26 yarn colours. Do you like the monogram to be discreet, choose the thread colour for the embroidery to match the shirting. If you like to be more eye-catching, select a strong contrast. Many of our customers who have a colourful button yarn, select this colour also for their monogram and embroidery. This way you achieve an overall coherent shirt and appearance.






The Special Feature: An Embroidery


Furthermore, Fine Cotton Company also offers a larger embroidery which is placed on the inside of the shoulder. The favorites of our customers are for example the first and last name, and for wedding shirts, the wedding date additionally. Some customers prefer a slogan or motto, though. If the shirt is to be given away, this feature is a nice greeting. Again, anyone preferring discretion, can select a yarn colour matching the shirting. With the embroidery your shirt is getting unique and you can be sure that no one else owns the same shirt.





 A Unique Shirt with Your Company Logo


In addition to the two above mentioned possibilities of embroidery and monogram, it is also possible to stitch logos on your shirt. Choose for yourself where on your shirt the logo is to be positioned. This option is not automatically available in the configurator. Contact us for an offer by telephone (0241 - 5652 0067) or email ( info [at] ].



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